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Providing ventilation systems to all domestic and commercial buildings.

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Heat Recovery Units

Heat recovery enables a system to recover up to approximately 50% of the energy from the extract airstream of a ventilation system. As environmental issues become increasingly influential in the design of mechanical ventilation systems, the inclusion of a heat recovery facility can contribute to considerable energy savings, and the reduction of related carbon emissions.

At ecs we offer a huge range of heat recovery units tailored to your specific needs so that we can solve any issues your building may have or improve the systems in it. We have a range of solutions for new builds or just improvement of old systems we are here to help with full HRU and ventilation packages.

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If you’re looking to improve indoor air quality whilst removing external noise or keeping operations quiet, ecs can design, provide and install systems which can solve your issues no matter what the building, whether it be a school, offices, factory, hotel and much more we can help.

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Whole House Ventilation

Alongside room-to-room systems, ecs can provide whole house solutions where the entire property can be under a single system. We can help you choose the perfect system to suit your needs and provide competitive prices to make sure you get the best system at an outstanding quality for a good price.

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Fire Rated Ductwork

Where there is a need for ductwork to be fire resistant in applications such as smoke or kitchen extract systems or pressurisation ductwork ECS are able to design, supply & install a range of options from painted, bonded glass fibre fabric or non-coated all tested to the latest EN standards.

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