Specialist Ventilation

Specialist supply and extract systems for ventilation in areas the have specific requirements

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Smoke Extract Ductwork

Smoke is recognised as the major killer during fire outbreaks. It can spread quickly to nearby buildings that are quite remote from the original blaze, threatening life and damaging property. Stairwells and elevator shafts frequently become smoke logged, blocking evacuation routes and preventing firefighters and other rescue teams from doing their critical jobs. Thor Duct ® Smoke Extract ductwork is a key component of a fire strategy, by safely funnelling smoke out of a building.

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Kitchen Extract Ductwork

Kitchen extract poses a specific risk due to the presence of combustible contaminants, namely grease, inside the ductwork. When a kitchen extract passes through multi-compartments, there is a risk from a fire in a compartment outside the kitchen. This can cause the grease inside the duct to ignite, and the fire to spread throughout the building.

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Fume Extract Systems

ecs has designed and installed systems For hazardous fumes from styrene, Paint coagulation, Foam laminating smoke, Oil Mist, Benzene, Engine Exhaust Fumes, Welding fumes, Plastic laminating machines, Battery charge areas, chlorine fumes from swimming pools. Generator fumes from a Ships Engine room.

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Odour Control Solutions

ecs has designed and installed Odour control systems for Cat Food, Toilets, Scents from bottling plants, hydrogen from process lines, Fume dilution from Natural Gas Burners.

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Dust Extraction Systems

ecs has designed and installed Extract systems for Dust from tissue paper machines, pepper mills, snuff, cast iron, sugar, and Paint particulate Grinding and fettling booths.

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Ship Ventilation Systems

ecs carry out Replacement Plant and Repairs to ventilation existing systems we have recently carried out the replacement of 6 plant rooms including the air handling units on board ship in dry dock in Malta. We have repaired and changed duties to extend the life of existing air handling units. We are used to working in occupied areas and caring out extensive refurbishment projects.

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Pressurisation Ductwork

Thor Duct ® Fire Ductwork helps maintain pressurisation systems and ensures compartmentation. The integrity of the duct and its ability to function must be maintained in the event of a fire.
Passive ducts, specified as fire ducts, are tested to EN 1366-1. Thor Duct ® Fire Ductwork meets all of these requirements and is the most suitable choice. Thor Duct ® Fire Ductwork has been tested with insulation, and is classified to standard EN 13501-3.

Thor Duct ® Fire Ductwork is a non-coated system, suitable for installation in multi-compartment, single compartment, stud wall, solid wall, and aerated concrete floors. A comprehensive set of support bracketry is provided. Penetration seals guidance is provided with detailed drawings.

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