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Service & Maintenance

ECS are able to provide you with maintenance contract or a breakdown service for your air-conditioning systems, air handling units and fans. Maintain your air conditioning records according to the F Gas Regulations.

We can both advise on and offer a wide range of general maintenance services carried out by ourselves and network of approved suppliers for various systems. ECS can deliver the technical engineering solutions which improve the reliability and efficiency of plant and systems.
Planned preventive maintenance regimes deliver the optimum working environment, whilst also reducing costs and complying with statutory regulations and compliance.

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AC Service & Maintenance

In many business applications much of the electrical equipment such as lighting, computing and display, use small amounts of power. In these situations air conditioning may account for 60% or more of the power usage.
No matter how sophisticated your business infrastructure, your equipment will require maintenance to ensure your they operate efficiently.
Poorly maintained systems can often work at 30 – 40% efficiency resulting in inefficient running costs. Putting in place a simple regular maintenance procedure is not only likely to save money but will reduce the likelihood and cost of expensive repairs.

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Boiler Service & Maintenance

ECS can provide a full boiler service as part of your package whether it is a refurb or a new installation taking place. Ensuring all necessary visual, internal and external checks, operating pressure, safety and efficiency checks.
Once carried out we can provide you with information on further maintenance or other advice to keep your building safe and efficient.

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AHU & Plant Refurbishment

ECS are able to look at existing plant such as AHUs, fans, etc. and advise on any future refurbishments works that may be necessary in order to ensure systems are running as they should. This continuous commissioning approach can ensure the building is operating as effectively as it should.

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Installation & Replacement of Chillers

ECS are able to help you with replacing and installing all types of chillers for both process cooling applications and simple air conditioning. We often install units manufactured by the likes of Daikin and Hitachi and have the ability to take apart and then reassemble chillers, re-charge with refrigerant and pressure test them to ensure you get the best performance.

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New Building Services and Refurbishment

At ECS whether you require brand new building services installed or just parts which aren’t up to standard, we will happily provide you a quote with your best interests to keep costs low and fix your issues. We can refurbish current systems or just install new parts all the way up to complete replacement. This includes all HVAC, Electrical and other mechanical services such as drainage, heating and mains water for example.

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Electrical Testing & Inspection

ECS can help cater for your testing needs or if you need a safety check as part of your service. We can both test your new equipment, perhaps through pat testing, or test old equipment already installed to ensure all appliances meet British standards and are safe and efficient. We can also test all HVAC systems too to make sure all visitors, clients and employees are safe in your facilities.

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Validation & Commissioning

Validation and commissioning are both one of the first and last steps in the building process that take place respectively. They are done to ensure compliant and reliable installations and equipment in the building to allow for safe production and long lasting, efficient quality.
At ECS we can provide fully qualified commissioning engineers to validate and check systems and oversee their findings in order to ensure correct works are carried out. Following on from this we are able to recommission in order to ensure systems are operating as per their required design parameters.

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